Who's nobbled EJ?


In the wake of the Hockenheim debacle - when Felipe Massa was ordered to move aside for teammate Fernando Alonso - team boss turned TV pundit Eddie Jordan - seen here in the dark days before he got the BBC gig - was positively apoplectic.

Ignoring the fact that having dragged Stefano Domenicali in front of the TV cameras for what we thought might resemble the Spanish Inquisition the Irishman instead had a fit of the giggles and wasted a golden opportunity to put the Ferrari team boss on the spot, there was his righteous indignation on behalf of the sport and its millions of fans.

Amongst the gems uttered that emotional afternoon:

"Ferrari should be ashamed. This was a team order. For me, it is cheating and these two cars should be excluded."

"It was unlawful and was theft. They stole from us the chance of having a wheel-to-wheel contest between the drivers."

"The difference with 2002 was that there was no (team orders) rule then. This is ten times worse."

Days later, Jordan - having clearly calmed down and forgotten about the shame, cheating and theft - called on the team orders rule to be banned, a curious comment considering his on-screen outburst.

However, fast-forward to Saturday August 28, when the Irishman, having been asked what he hopes will happen at the forthcoming WMSC hearing into the affair, stuns fans (and the Pitpass team) when he replies: "For me it's a forgotten issue... let's move on".

So who exactly nobbled EJ over the summer break, was it Bernie, Maranello's 'Horse Whisperer, who on earth has convinced Mr Angry that the matter should be put to bed?

At Silverstone, Ron Dennis famously cut the wires on Jordan's headphones - once again sending the Irishman into a (faux?) rant.

Considering EJ's volte-face in terms of team orders we would like to know who precisely cut what over the summer break.

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Published: 30/08/2010
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