Red Bull makes 20.2m from Monaco


If you have ever wondered how much it is worth for a team to win the Monaco Grand Prix then wonder no longer. After every Grand Prix F1's industry monitor Formula Money analyses the value of the exposure of all the on-car brands during the race. In a nutshell this shows how much they would have to pay to get equivalent advertising time on-screen and Red Bull leads the field by a considerable margin.

Red Bull Racing's one-two victory gave the drinks company 14.9m of Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) with a further 5.3m coming from Toro Rosso. Overall, Red Bull had a 75.8% share of non-sponsor brands such as those of team owners and team names.

Santander and Petronas were the two sponsors with the highest AVE of over 3.5m each. Perhaps more surprisingly, Kingfisher followed them getting 3m of exposure which was largely a function of its wide coverage on the Force India cars and their respectable eighth and ninth places.

The running total of exposure value for all brands (including team owners and sponsors) after just six races puts Red Bull on a massive 92.5m - more than it spends on F1 annually. Trailing way behind in second place is Vodafone on 27m followed by Santander with an AVE of 22.6m.

Red Bull is also winning another important race and this is the cost per point scored. This shows the value for money of the investment made by F1's team owners and Red Bull leads the way since it spent just 170,000 per point in Monaco. F1's new teams can't be ranked in this since they failed to score points but to give an indication of Red Bull's achievement, each point scored by Mercedes cost the car manufacturer an estimated 1.7m.

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Published: 24/05/2010
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