Why no action on Barrichello?


While the stewards were (fairly) quick in handing out a 20s penalty to Michael Schumacher, one has to ask why there hasn't been any sanction in terms of Rubens Barrichello following his accident.

While the British media revels in the penalty handed out to Schumacher for an opportunistic move that might yet be successfully appealed, nobody has yet raised the question of the pathetic behaviour of veteran Brazilian racer Rubens Barrichello.

Following his accident on the thirty-first lap, with his car facing the wrong way on the approach to Casino Square, the Brazilian - in a clear fit of pique - threw his steering wheel on to the track before angrily climbing out of the stricken FW32.

While not replacing the steering wheel on the car is a clear contravention of the rules, the very fact that moments later - unable to avoid it - another driver ran (Karun Chandhok) over it, a move that could easily have resulted in the sort of damage that could have caused another incident, was totally indefensible.

The British media is making much of the fact that the panel of Race Stewards included Damon Hill, Schumacher's nemesis for several seasons in the 1990s. As an experienced driver, Hill should be fully aware of just how selfish, reckless and stupid Barrichello's actions were.

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Published: 17/05/2010
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