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The World Motor Sport Council met in Bahrain on 11 March 2010.

The FIA President opened the floor to Sheikh Abdullah Bin Isa Al-Khalifa, President of the Bahrain Motor Federation. Sheikh Abdullah welcomed the World Council to Bahrain. The FIA President thanked Sheik Abdullah for his welcome, and that of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Salman Bin Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa, and wished them every success for the forthcoming Bahrain Grand Prix.

The FIA President opened the formal business of the meeting and the following decisions were taken.

Disciplinary Power

The World Motor Sport Council has clarified its procedures to demonstrate the separation of prosecution and judgment functions in disciplinary matters.

The FIA President exercises the function of prosecution. He conducts the inquiries and decides to bring a matter before the judging body of the WMSC when he considers that there is reason to do so.

The judging body of the WMSC is made up of all the Council members with the exception of any member who has taken part in the inquiry or investigation. It is chaired by the FIA Deputy President for Sport.

Any decision of the judging body is taken in the absence of the FIA President, the reporter, and any person who has taken part in any way whatsoever in the inquiry or investigation.

Any disciplinary decision of the World Council is subject to appeal before the FIA International Court of Appeal.

Formula One

With regard to the USF1 team's non-participation in the 2010 championship, the World Council mandated the FIA President, in full compliance with the new code of practice for disciplinary matters, to take forward the most appropriate action.

The World Council approved the initiation of a new selection process for a potential 13th entry (and reserve entry) to the 2011 FIA Formula One World Championship.

Based on his previous Formula One test mileage and his participation in the GP2 Championship, the World Council has approved the granting of a super licence to Karun Chandhok.

Subject to final approval of the calendar by the World Council, Mr Bernie Ecclestone, President of FOM, has informed the FIA that India will host a Formula One event in 2011.

Michael Schumacher has been appointed as Drivers' Representative for the Circuits Commission.

Manufacturers Commission

Following a successful meeting of the FIA President with the Board of ACEA, the World Council unanimously approved the restructure of the Manufacturers' Commission which in future will be comprised of board level representatives from each automobile group or independent manufacturer. The Commission will examine all matters relating to motor sport, with the exception of Formula One, as well as matters relating to mobility, road safety, the environment and new technologies.

As well as the existing Sporting and Technical groups, three new working groups were created to work with the Commission on specific technical matters: an oil companies working group, a tyre manufacturers' working group, and an electronic equipment manufacturers' working group.

Alan Donnelly has been appointed as the FIA President's official representative to the Commission.

Decade of Action for Road Safety

The FIA President confirmed to the World Council that on March 2, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 2011 - 2020 a Decade of Action for Road Safety. The UN decision follows a concerted campaign by the FIA in partnership with the FIA Foundation through the Make Roads Safe initiative. The FIA President wished to particularly recognise the leadership of former President Max Mosley in support of the highly acclaimed campaign.

The World Council unanimously approved the development of a ten-year international plan to support the Decade of Action.

The World Council unanimously supported the encouragement of motor sport competitors and stakeholders to participate in the Decade of Action.

World Council and Prize Giving

As part of his programme of constructive change, the FIA President put forward a proposal for the annual week of FIA meetings and the official FIA prize giving ceremony to be hosted in a different country each year.

The proposal was warmly welcomed by the World Council and Monaco, in recognition of their outstanding commitment to the event over the last ten years, will be the first venue to host the event as part of a new and revitalised programme.

Vijay Mallya, on behalf of the Indian ASN, asked the World Council to consider India as a potential host for the event in 2011. This offer was warmly welcomed by the World Council, however, the FIA President confirmed that the opportunity to host the event must be open to all the FIA's membership throughout the world.

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Published: 11/03/2010
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