The Times are a-changing


Pitpass' business editor Chris Sylt was intrigued to learn that The Times' Formula One correspondent Ed Gorman is relinquishing his role to move to a desk job on the foreign desk at the paper. Gorman has had some notable insights in the few years that he covered the sport - particularly in his coverage of the tabloid scandal which engulfed FIA president Max Mosley in 2008.

He will be replaced by his predecessor Kevin Eason who covered sports business and news for The Times and kept a close eye on F1 as Pitpass reported last year when a famous difference of opinion ensued between the two hacks over the future of the British Grand Prix.

It began when Eason wrote that the then-Donington boss Simon Gillett "has until noon on Monday to try to remedy the breach of contract with Ecclestone." Then, 48 hours later, Gorman's version of events appeared in the same paper saying that "Donington Ventures has until midnight on Tuesday - not midday Monday as widely publicised - to come up with the money or it will be in breach of its contract to stage the grand prix from next year."

We fully expected that Gillett would not be in his position this year but it was a real surprise to learn that Ed is moving on. Pitpass would like to wish him the best of luck in his new role.

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Published: 09/03/2010
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