Domenicali: F1 needs to be greener


Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali has said that F1 needs to be greener, admitting disappointment that KERS will not be used in 2010.

Speaking at his team's annual media event, the Italian said: "We have to make this sport 'greener', because that's the direction the automotive industry is heading.

"Therefore we have to study the rules regarding the rear axle," he continued, "which will be applied as of 2013: rushing into this is useless, because we might risk taking the wrong decisions.

"As far as the KERS is concerned all the teams decided that it won't be used in 2010, but we're working on an energy recovery system with decisively lower costs than those we had last year for the year 2011.

"We at Ferrari really believed in this solution and we would like to see it again in our single-seaters, because we think that it will influence road car production in a positive way: naturally it has to be reintroduced with rules equal for all the teams."

KERS, introduced by former FIA president Max Mosley as part of his green agenda, and said to have cost the teams up to a billion pounds (collectively) to develop was only ever used by a handful of teams and even then not for all races.

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Published: 14/01/2010
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