Mercedes plays down Schumacher return


Mercedes has played down speculation that 7-time World Champion Michael Schumacher might make a return to F1 with its new team.

No soon had the ink dried on the deal which saw the German manufacturer buying 75.1% of Brawn GP than some were speculating that Schumacher might make a spectacular return to F1 with the team which financed his debut back in 1991. By the end of the week, the speculation was reaching fever pitch, with media heavyweights now giving the rumour their full support.

However, Mercedes has appeared to pour cold water on the idea, a spokesperson for the German manufacturer dismissing the talk as "dreams".

"It's clear that there will always be speculation as long as one cockpit is still free," they said, according to Reuters. "And some speculations are nothing but dreams which will not come true."

Meanwhile, Schumacher's official spokeswoman, Sabine Kehm, was equally dismissive of the speculation. "Michael is enjoying his life very much. To me, a return would therefore be highly unlikely at the moment," she said.

One person who would clearly love to see Schumacher back on track is Bernie Ecclestone, who told the Daily Mail that a return would be "fabulous for the sport", omitting to add that it wouldn't do his and CVC's bank accounts any harm either.

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Published: 21/11/2009
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