"There's no Donington," declares Ecclestone


Simon Gillett can finally stop ripping up the sofa looking for spare change as Bernie Ecclestone declares Donington's Grand Prix dream to be at an end.

While some were never convinced that Donington would host the British Grand Prix, others consistently fell for the Gillett spin. However, today, speaking ahead of the inaugural Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, at a facility he described as "unbelievable", Bernie Ecclestone finally brought the sorry saga to an end declaring that as far as the British Grand Prix is concerned Donington is no longer in the running.

"There's no Donington," he told Reuters. "They missed the deadline which we kept extending for them. It's unfortunate for them, to be honest with you. It was the credit crunch that caused them to be in trouble because their intentions were good for sure."
Ecclestone was unwilling to discuss the future of the British round of the world championship, and with the future of the sport in the United Kingdom looking less secure with every passing day it is to be hoped that he and (Silverstone owners) the British Racing Drivers' Club can come up with a mutually acceptable deal in the weeks ahead.

As for Donington, to claim that it was all the result of the credit crunch is nonsense, apart from the fact that Gillett has history, the fact is that Ecclestone took the race away from Silverstone in an act of spite and nothing was thought through, certainly not in terms of what British race fans or indeed the F1 teams, sponsors and drivers might want.

Then again, if, as many suspect, Britain does follow France and Canada and slip from the calendar, Ecclestone will be able to hold his hands up and claim "nothing to do with me guv!"

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Published: 29/10/2009
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