Theissen disgusted by Ecclestone's 'praise' for Hitler


BMW boss Mario Theissen has admitted to being disgusted by comments made by Bernie Ecclestone last weekend when the F1 supremo appeared to praise Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Asked for his opinion on Ecclestone's comments, Theissen told reporters at the Nurburgring: "I would say obviously wrong, disgusting," said the German.

"Apparently he was shocked himself when he was confronted with what he has said," he continued. "He has made some comments meanwhile and as I have heard, he will make some more comments as soon as he is here and I think this is necessary."

The comments caused outrage and not just in Germany, and even though the Englishman has written an apology in the Times, admitting that he was "extremely distressed and embarrassed" the furore continues, a situation not helped when the F1 supremo yesterday appeared to blame Jews for the global banking crisis.

Interestingly, at the official FIA press conference, which featured all five German drivers on the 2009 grid, no mention was made of Ecclestone's comments, as the sport officially tries to continue to sweep any controversy under the carpet.

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Published: 09/07/2009
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