Mosley continues his assault on teams alliance


In his latest attempt to drive a wedge between the teams that form the teams' alliance, Max Mosley has claimed that a manufacturer team repeatedly lobbied the FIA to have the double diffuser on the Brawn cars declared illegal, while another manufacturer threatened to quit F1 when he started the NCAP, the European car safety performance assessment programme.

The Sunday Mirror reports that Mosley makes the claims in a letter sent to members the World Motor Sport Council on Friday, as the Englishman attempts to rally support within the FIA while also trying to split the teams' alliance.

"We have heard a lot from FOTA about an independent court of appeal," he wrote. "Yet during the controversy over the 'double diffuser', a manufacturer team repeatedly lobbied me (wholly improperly) to intervene with the FIA Court of Appeal and have the double diffuser declared illegal.

"The FIA Court would never listen to such an approach but it shows that for the team in question, 'independent' means independent of the other teams and under the control of particular interests."

While not naming the manufacturer concerned, it should be remembered that Toyota, a leading light in FOTA, was in the dock along with Brawn and Williams regarding the double diffuser issue..

As for the NCAP claim, Mosley writes.

"When we started EuroNCAP, one of the major manufacturers threatened to quit Formula One if we did not abandon our activities. The FIA has to be free to confront the car industry whenever necessary."

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Published: 28/06/2009
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