Teams hit out at Donnelly


Eight teams have written to the FIA claiming that Max Mosley's 'right-hand man', Alan Donnelly, be removed as chairman of the stewards.

The teams claim that his role as chairman of the stewards and his other role as official representative of the President of the FIA, represents a conflict of interest.

The Guardian reports that in a letter to the FIA, the teams write: "It was apparent during the Turkish grand prix that several discussions were held between the aforementioned person and several formula one team representatives with a clear intention to create division between the Formula One Teams' Association teams by misrepresenting the positions of these teams.

"This situation raises serious doubts on the autonomy of the judicial functions from the executive functions of the FIA. It is imperative the chairman of the stewards remains totally impartial and we therefore respectfully request these roles are separated. We trust you will act appropriately."

The FIA has rejected the claim, however, the eight teams remain defiant, and if anyone is attempting to divide the teams' alliance it appears to be having the opposite effect.

Donnelly, one of several members of Mosley's team to join the sport's governing body from the murky world of politics, indeed, the even murkier world of the Labour Party, is a former Labour MEP for Tyne and Wear, who in 1997 became leader of the European Parliamentary Party. He subsequently set up Sovereign Strategy, a business consultancy employed to provide lobbying and representative services for the FIA.

There are some who believe that Donnelly is being groomed as Max' successor.

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Published: 16/06/2009
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