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Despite assurances to the contrary, there are some who remain concerned that F1 team boss turned TV pundit Eddie Jordan, who is in his early 60s, is suffering failing eyesight.

The latest in a string on incidents to give cause for concern came during qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix. During the break between Q2 and Q3 the Irishman enthused, "this is what is bringing the people flocking to F1". Yet, just over his shoulder, indeed, all around the 3.340 kilometre track, there were swathes of empty seats in the grandstands.

Sadly, while things were a little better on race day, there were still noticeable gaps in almost every stand and even on the hill over looking the track.

Whether it be the global financial crisis or simply apathy at the direction the sport is taking, there is no denying that crowd numbers were significantly down this year. In addition to thousands of unsold race tickets, merchandise sales, corporate hospitality and even the number of yachts in the harbour, showed a significant drop-off compared to previous years.

With the Cannes Film Festival happening up the road, it was thought the Grand Prix might once again attract a few Hollywood A-listers, whereas arguably the most famous person on the grid was Geri 'Ginger Spice' Halliwell who was given a guided tour by Bernie 'Old Spice' Ecclestone.

Our two pictures show what a difference a year can make, the picture above taken during the 2008 event while the picture below was taken on Sunday.

Ironically, when it comes around to the 2010 race, as well as the missing fans, we might well find ourselves looking for the missing Toyotas.

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Published: 26/05/2009
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