Ecclestone arranges emergency summit


In an attempt to diffuse the current row over the FIA's plans for a two-tier championship, which threatens the future of F1, Bernie Ecclestone has called on representatives of the FIA and the Formula One Teams' Association to meet in London tomorrow (Friday).

The emergency meeting follows 48 hours of media mayhem as Ferrari and Renault both announced that if the FIA goes ahead with its plans neither will take part in the 2010 World Championship. While no other team has officially followed suit, it is known that Toyota and the Red Bull teams are also prepared to take the same course of action.

While some claim that Ferrari's announcement, in particular, is posturing, and others that Renault is looking for any excuse to leave F1, others fear that unless this row is resolved, and soon, F1 could fall apart.

As Ferrari stokes the flames of passion amongst race fans, Bernie Ecclestone, back in his familiar role of 'good cop' is at pains to point out the value the Maranello outfit brings to F1, in stark contrast to Max Mosley's claim that the sport doesn't need the Italian team.

"The key to F1 is Ferrari," Ecclestone told the Daily Telegraph. "They have been there for 60 years. They are partners of ours. They are the people we need to take into consideration. At the moment everyone is hanging on to their apron strings. Sort that out and we will be OK."

However, other than the fact that Mosley will not allow himself to be seen as giving way to the teams' threats, there is also the danger that if the future of the sport hinges on one particular team, the sport is in mortal danger as that one team could effectively call the shots from this point onwards.

As previously stated, think irresistible force and immovable object.

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Published: 14/05/2009
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