Fry confirms job losses at Brackley


Speaking in the wake of his team's monumental victory in Melbourne, Brawn GP chief executive Nick Fry confirmed that there are to be heavy job losses at its Brackley HQ.

"It's very unfortunate that we've got to do that but it's the change of technical regulations and obviously we are now a private team," he told reporters.

Asked how many workers are facing redundancy, Fry responded: "It's about 270."

Justifying the move, he continued: "We are about 700 people at the moment and we talked to the staff about going down to about 430, something like that, which is where we were in 2004."

According to Pitpass sources around 275 employees will leave the company on Tuesday, the last day of March. Of these around 120 are thought to be voluntary redundancies.

However, there are fears that there will be additional job cuts in the coming months with one source claiming the Brackley team will follow the example of another British outfit and lay off around 19 employees a month over the next few months rather than opting for another mass culling.

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Published: 29/03/2009
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