Alonso: Why do we keep changing the rules?


Writing on his own website, Fernando Alonso sounds like your typical hard done by F1 fan, as he questions the latest rule changes from the FIA.

The Spaniard, like many fans, is particularly concerned at the new rule whereby the driver with the most wins in a season is the World Champion as opposed to the driver with the most points.

As it happens, under the new rules, both of the Spaniard's titles would have stood, however, having tied with Kimi Raikkonen (7 wins) in 2006 and Michael Schumacher (7 wins) in 2006, the championship would still have been decided on points.

"I don't understand the need to constantly change the rules of this sport," writes Alonso. "I think that these types of decisions can only confuse the fans."

Clearly following the FOTA line, the Spaniard appears to take a swipe at some of the other rule new changes, including the proposed optional budget cap. Furthermore, whereas FOTA claims to have based many of its proposals on its 'fan survey' of 2008, the two-time World Champion argues that there is no such dialogue between the FIA and fans.

"Formula One has developed for more than 50 years thanks to the teams, the sponsors, the drivers and, above all, the fans throughout the world," he continues, "and none of them have been able to put their points of view in front of the FIA.

"I'm concerned not so much about the decisions that will affect the season which is about to start but, above all, those that will affect the future of the competition in the coming years. I hope that there's some way in which these measures can be reconsidered in the short term."

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Published: 18/03/2009
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