FOTA wants shorter races


On a good day, the Italian GP lasts for around 75 minutes, however, if FOTA gets its way that could become even less.

The Formula One Teams' Association is calling for races to be reduced to a maximum of 250 kilometres or a maximum duration of one hour and forty minutes, currently the maximum is two hours.

Furthermore, while the teams and manufacturers don't currently have an idea on how the spectacle of qualifying might be improved, they are proposing that the rules should be changed to force teams to disclose each driver's fuel load at the start of each race, thereby making the strategy easier to understand for the general public.

Finally, in what might be termed, 'pit-stops make prizes', FOTA is also suggesting that teams could be awarded Constructors' Championship points for the fastest pit stop.

At a time when the pinnacle of motorsport has an Overtaking Working Group - does football have a Goal Scoring Working Group or rugby a Try Scoring Working Group - perhaps it comes as no surprise to see yet more gimmicks.

Sadly, the last thing that F1 needs right now is gimmicks; and points for quick pit-stops, test times, best livery, cleanest helmet and god knows what else are just that, gimmicks.

The show is all about what happens on track once the lights go out at 2pm - or 10pm if Bernie gets his way - it's about seeing the best drivers in the world in the best cars fighting beat one another, each giving 100 percent week in, weak out. It's about heroes doing what the rest of us can only fantasise about, it's about legends.

It's not about gimmicks or committees.

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Published: 05/03/2009
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