Patrick to talk to USF1?


With the USF1 project taking another step towards reality yesterday, all attention turns to the matter of driver - though there is also keen interest in where the funding and engines will come from, amongst other things.

Just over a week ago, Indy Car racer Danica Patrick claimed not to know anything about USF1, at a time when many were linking her with the project and one British journalist actually went so far as to say the 26-year-old would represent a "lifeline" for the "flagging" series.

Following yesterday's online press conference, when a number of drivers, including Patrick, were mentioned by team bosses Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor, the Indy Car driver has admitted that she might be interested.

"F1 is not No. 1 on my list," she told the Indy Star, "but a conversation never killed anyone."

Speaking yesterday, Windsor and Anderson admitted that Marco Andretti is on their 'wish list' as are Kyle Busch and Graham Rahal.

Despite Bernie Ecclestone's previous comments regarding Patrick, and women in F1 in general, the sport's supremo will no doubt be reconsidering his opinion in light of the revelation that the sport is "flagging" and needs a "lifeline"

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Published: 25/02/2009
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