Honda rumours gather momentum


The rumour-mill is buzzing with regards the Honda F1 team.

In the last 24 hours a number of stories have appeared claiming that the team has been saved and that it is now busy preparing for Melbourne.

The Brackley outfit is saying nothing and even the usual 'leaks' appear to have been 'fixed', other than claims that a number of sponsors have been signed as has Bruno Senna.

Claims that Bernie Ecclestone has provided some dosh are almost certainly wide of the mark, however, talk that a group of Brazilian sponsors are backing the team in an effort to get Senna into F1 are believable.

Ross Brawn, of whom nothing has been heard since he claimed that an engine deal with Ferrari was virtually assured, is reported to have told team members to be prepared for Melbourne, and is said to be addressing the troops within the next 24 hours.

With no news of the "dozen" potential buyers that Nick Fry talked of in early January, and the original January 31st deadline long since passed, one can only assume that either the management buy-out is going ahead or Honda is allowing the team a little more time.

Either way, with no testing before Melbourne, no matter what the validity of the current rumours, the Brackley team faces a mammoth task.

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Published: 13/02/2009
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