Is this one of Honda's potential buyers?


The clock is ticking, and despite the assurances of Honda F1 Team CEO Nick Fry that there are a dozen bids on the table, the workers at Brackley, rival teams and race fans around the world are no closer to knowing whether the team will be saved.

Last week it was claimed that Fry himself is considering making a bid and when no denials were issued the story began to gain credibility. Indeed, as if by magic a story appeared elsewhere on Monday proclaiming the merits of a management buy-out. That said, the questions posed by Pitpass remain unanswered.

As for potential buyers, a recent request for registration on the Pitpass forum led to us checking the authenticity of the would be forumer - all registrations are checked in order to avoid spammers - and lo and behold it led us to this (link).

VMK Racing, which is owned by the grandly named VMK Holdings Corp, set up its website in mid-December 2008, therefore, presumably, the team that it is hoping to buy is Honda.

"The objective of VMK Racing is to enter the 2009 FIA Formula 1 World Championship by purchasing the assets of an existing entry and raising funds for the upcoming campaign through the Internet," proclaims the site.

"VMK Racing is offering individuals and small to mid-sized businesses the ability to take part in the so-called "pinnacle of motor sport" through unique business and sponsorship opportunities by opening up the sponsorship spectrum which was traditionally reserved for large companies. The goal is to build a sustainable team without an anstronomical budget that can withstand economic downturns but at the same time score points.

"Sponsor Packages start at 20 EUR per season, renewable January 1st every year before the start of the championship."

Not sure whether this is one of the dozen bids being considered or whether it is one of the eighteen already discarded, however, in the eyes of some it will have about as much merit as the current CEO remaining at the helm.

Googling VMK Racing gives little away, other than the website in question, the other references appear to be to Virtual Magic Kingdom, a Disney game which was withdrawn last year. Would this make VMK a a Mickey Mouse outfit?

Maybe it is Fry.

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Published: 14/01/2009
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