Guess the team


Out of respect for the other members of the team, who we are sure would never be party to such behaviour, we will pose readers a question to which we have no intention of giving the answer.

All we'll say is, which team's test manager approached a photographer at the last Jerez test asking the snapper to take detailed pictures of components on two rival teams cars.

Then, when the photographer refused, correctly stating that such an action was, in their opinion, dishonourable and would compromise their relationship with all the teams, drivers and crew, took umbrage and subsequently banned said snapper from their garage and all other team facilities, even to the extent of telling the catering crew not to hand the photographer a bottle of water on a boiling hot July day.

As we said, out of respect for the team and the many decent people employed there, we will not name the spying bully.

However, we will reveal that the two cars to be snapped were the Ferrari and BMW, and the guilty party's team was not involved in either of the 2007 spy scandals.

You know who you are, and we know who you are and your attitude is appalling.

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Published: 19/09/2008
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