It's not over yet, insists Raikkonen


"This sport can be really hard to digest," writes World Champion Kimi Raikkonen in his latest blog for Ferrari. "You push, you give it all, but it seems as if won't go in the right direction. It's been a long time without a win for me and even the list of races without points is growing. I crossed the line at Monza without gaining any points. Five times no points in the standings are really a lot: you don't have to be Einstein to understand that this is not the right way to fight for the title. It's not over yet, but now it will take a miracle, like one that makes lightning strike twice.

"At the Italian GP we had the same problem we had a couple of times before. Under certain circumstances, especially with low temperatures and with rain, we've got hardly any grip. And now it seems as if it's going to rain at every outstanding race. We had enough water at Monza already.

"The car went very well on Friday in the dry, but on Saturday, with a wet track, I virtually didn't have any grip, also because the brakes didn't warm up. We have to try to solve this problem for the final stage of the season. In the race, when the track started to dry off, the car was very strong and showed all its potential: what a shame that it happened too late. I didn't loose my driving ability on the wet, but when you don't have any grip under certain circumstances, there's hardly anything you can do. You can just try to stay on the track and hope that the situation will chance, as it happened at Monza. At a certain point it was as if a light had been turned on and I could attack in every corner, but by then it was already too late.

"Things are definitely not going my way," he admits. "Sometimes it happens, but that won't lower my spirit or my determination: nevertheless I want to try to win again this season. Tomorrow I'll be at Mugello for the second day of the tests the Team is holding there this week, the last session before the final rush. Next week we'll go to Singapore, where Formula One will have its first night race. The possibility to race at a new city circuit is really something great. It will be a very interesting experience for all of us. The atmosphere will be very exciting and the hot and humid weather might work to our advantage.

"You never know what will happen in a race and you can't make any programs. Obviously the Team has two goals to reach and they will give their best that they will reach them. I will give my best myself, as usual. I was very happy that I could renew my contract with Ferrari: it's the best team in Formula One. I will never forget what happened last year and I want to repeat it again."

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Published: 17/09/2008
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