FIA clarifies overtaking rule


As the row over the 'Spa saga' rumbles on, provoked, according to Max Mosley, by the British media, the FIA has clarified the rule as to what should happen when a driver gains an advantage by cutting a corner, as happened last week, according to the Race Stewards who meted out Lewis Hamilton's penalty.

Drivers were told at yesterday's driver briefing that should they cut a corner they must hand it back and then wait at least one more corner before overtaking.

The crux of McLaren and Lewis Hamilton's argument regarding Spa - other than the fact that FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting is understood to have told the Woking team that the driver had followed the correct procedure and therefore not done anything wrong - is that after missing the chicane and passing Kimi Raikkonen, the Englishman slowed by 7 kph and dropped behind the Finn. However, he subsequently speeded up and was able to make his move on the Ferrari on the approach to La Source.

After yesterday's ruling, Hamilton would now have to wait until after La Source before making his move.

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Published: 13/09/2008
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