Toyota unhappy with Glock rescue


Although he has been released from hospital and even given the all-clear to take part in this week's test at Jerez, Toyota remains unhappy at the way Timo Glock was removed from his wrecked car on Sunday, and is demanding talks with the FIA.

Race fans were shocked by the violence of Sunday's incident which saw the Toyota smash into the pit-wall after the failure of the car's right-rear suspension.

Marshals and Doctors were soon on the scene of the accident but failed to follow official FIA procedure which requires that a driver is removed from his car while still in his seat. Instead, Glock was unbuckled and lifted from his seat, walked a short distance, and then placed in a canvas folding 'picnic-style' chair while he waited for the ambulance.

"We want to talk about how the driver was recovered from the cockpit," said Toyota boss John Howett, according to Eurosport. However, we do not wish to complain.

"Usually the driver is taken out of the car along with the seat," he continued. We understand that in the heat of the moment you can get excited.

"We will look at the video and figure out exactly what happened. The most important thing is that Timo is absolutely okay."

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Published: 22/07/2008
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