FIA unmoved by threat of breakaway


Despite playing down talk of an F1 breakaway, Bernie Ecclestone insists that it is still entirely possible.

Talking to the Daily Express, the F1 supremo said: "The teams have talked about this before, not that long ago but the circumstances are different this time.

"I'm certainly not advocating a breakaway," he was quick to add, "but in theory they could do their own deal for TV, whatever. NASCAR do it all for themselves in the States but I don't know if they really want to do this in F1."

On the surface, the breakaway talk is merely further fallout following Tuesday's Extraordinary General Meeting and the vote of confidence given to under-fire President Max Mosley. Despite the huffing and puffing, however, the cries of righteous indignation that a man who enjoys sado-masochistic sex with a quintet of hookers (what is the collective noun?) the fact is that this is all about the battle for control of the sport.

The FIA is under no such illusions, with a spokesman telling Pitpass: "We have nothing to add to the letter the FIA President sent to the member clubs on May 16. The issues he raised then could not have been clearer.

"There are those who have sought to destabilise the FIA and undermine its independent authority for their own gain. The overwhelming support the President received from the General Assembly confirms that our membership will not allow this to happen. Anyone who thinks that this is not the case is deluded."

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Published: 08/06/2008
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