Howett plays down breakaway threat


Toyota motorsport president John Howett has played down talk of a breakaway rival series to F1, claiming that talks between the teams and Bernie Ecclestone in Montreal have focussed on a new Concorde Agreement which would please everyone, including the FIA.

"The primary discussion was the fact that the majority of teams have agreed the financial schedule and detailed legal wording and really the discussion was where we move forward to complete the renewal of the Concorde agreement," he told Reuters. "For most of the teams, they want that to be a tripartite agreement involving the FIA as in the past. We have to wait and see if the FIA will sign that or not."

Contrary to some claims, Howett insists that the teams want to strike a deal with the FIA.

"Everybody at the moment is saying we should at least interface with them, or at least Bernie should, as technically we have an agreement with him and he has an agreement with the FIA," he said.

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Published: 07/06/2008
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