ADAC reacts to FIA vote


Following today's vote on the future of Max Mosley as FIA President, in which the Englishman scored a resounding victory, winning the vote by 103 to 55, the German Automobile Club (ADAC) - one of his harshest critics since the News of the World story first broke - was quick to react, announcing that it has frozen all its activities with FIA.

A brief statement issued shortly after the result of the vote had been announced, read:

"ADAC views with regret and incredulity, the FIA general assembly's decision in Paris confirming Max Mosley in office as FIA president.

"This is a reason for Europe's largest Automobile club to let it's functions and co-operation in FIA working groups rest at world level. ADAC will stay with its decision as long as Max Mosley holds the top FIA office as president.

Meanwhile, the Automobile Association of America (AAA) is said to be considering its reaction and will make an announcement in due course, with Robert Darbelnet admitting to being "disappointed" with the outcome.

"We should not rush to judgement on this," he said. "But one of the potential ramifications is the division or a split way from the organisation that might in fact provide an opportunity for like-minded clubs to find a representative body in a different form.

"He has secured his vote of confidence," added Darbelnet, referring to Mosley. "However, it's a very unfortunate outcome, it's a very unfortunate day for FIA."

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Published: 03/06/2008
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