Mosley MI5 link discussed in Parliament


At Westminster, those wonderful members elected to run Britain (into the ground seemingly) have removed their snouts from the trough just long enough to discuss the Max Mosley saga following the revelation last week that an Intelligence Officer with MI5 was forced to resign after it was discovered that his wife, "Mistress Abi", was the prostitute who spilled the beans to the News of the World.

Home affairs select committee chairman Keith Vaz said: "Quite clearly this situation should never have been allowed to arise. Security service agents are involved in delicate and sometimes highly dangerous work. They need to be in a personal situation where they can operate without having their integrity compromised.

"The public deserves to know that the people that they trust to protect them are thoroughly vetted and able to do their job properly," he added. "I hope that the Home Secretary is able to demonstrate to the committee that MI5 have improved the way they vet staff."

The thought of MPs looking into this sorry scandal is most welcome, but then again many of the elected members have their own sordid little skeletons buried away.

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Published: 25/05/2008
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