Turkish GP: Race notes - Toro Rosso


Sebastian Vettel: I had a good start and then, all of a sudden I realised I had a punctured rear left tyre, so I had to pit immediately. My second problem came at the first pit stop, when the refueling rig had a problem, no fuel went in, so I had to come in immediately again. From then on it was a tough race and I could not have done any better. At least I saw the chequered flag!

Sebastien Bourdais: Something broke at the back of the car, I don't know what it was yet. Going into Turn 12, I braked at the usual point and the car went sideways, I felt the right rear corner of the car drop and it spun me round. It's a shame, as up until then it had been going quite well and I was just about hanging onto the Toyota in front of me and keeping the Renault behind me. Of course, the problem at my pit stop with the refuelling had not helped.

Franz Tost: Both our drivers got good starts, but in the first lap, Vettel was hit by another car, got a puncture and had to pit to change tyres. After that he was having a reasonable race, but when he came in for his scheduled stop, unfortunately, there was a problem with the refueling rig and he had to be called in again next time round, as no fuel had gone into the car. This cost him over twenty seconds, but at least he finished the race. We had a similar problem with Bourdais' stop, but this time, we spotted it before he left the pits and we switched to the spare fuel rig. After that, he Bourdais had a problem at Turn 12, which the data reveals as a technical failure that we will now investigate. We are glad the STR2 era is over and now we look forward to running our new car, as from the next race in Monaco.

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    Published: 11/05/2008
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