Super Aguri refused entry to Istanbul paddock


The Super Aguri team has been refused entry to the paddock at Istanbul ahead of next weekend's Turkish Grand Prix.

According to Pitpass sources, the order came from Formula One Management after Honda's Nick Fry is alleged to have said that the Leafield-based outfit will not be taking part.

With a high level meeting - at which Super Aguri's fate will be decided - due to take place on Tuesday, the fact is that if Honda fail to agree to the deal, the plug would be pulled on the Leafield outfit and it would have to leave the Istanbul paddock.

However, an insider at Super Aguri alleges that Fry made a phone call to FOM's Bernie Ecclestone because he already knows what the board's decision will be.

Our source said: "Aguri-san believes that this is clever because if Honda decide not to accept the Weigl Group's offer on Tuesday, then the Super Aguri team would not be in the paddock and cause embarrassment to Honda."

However, the source added: "Aguri-san does not think that Nick Fry would do something like this without the order from Honda, but we do not know if Honda has decided this."

It is understood that in his attempts to save his team, Suzuki is hoping to bring Tuesday's scheduled meeting forward to today (Monday).

While Weigl insists that it can provide a rescue package and will pay off the money owed to Honda - albeit over three years - Fry has poured cold water on the proposed deal.

When the discussions get underway, Suzuki, his employees, drivers Takuma Sato and Anthony Davidson, and many F1 fans will be holding their breath… as will F1, since the grid would then revert to ten teams having started the year with the prospect of twelve.

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Published: 05/05/2008
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