Mosley will attend Monaco GP


An FIA spokesperson has confirmed to Pitpass that FIA President Max Mosley will attend next month's Monaco GP.

Since a British tabloid newspaper exposed the Englishman as having taken part in a sex romp with five prostitutes last month, he has kept a low profile, only emerging for an exclusive interview with the Daily Telegraph and then attending this weekend's round of the World Rally Championship in Jordan.

Being firmly in the media spotlight there has been much speculation as to when Mosley would next attend a Formula One World Championship Grand Prix, if at all. This has led to claims that as FIA President Mosley cannot be doing his job properly if he is avoiding attending races. Today's news, that he will be present in Monaco, should end some of that speculation.

Despite media claims to the contrary, Mosley says he was never scheduled to attend the Spanish GP, even though it was to be the scene of the launch of the FIA's anti-racism campaign 'EveryRace'. Indeed, the Englishman insists he was always scheduled to attend the rally in Jordan due to the political importance of the event.

Earlier this week, following the announcement that Mosley was to attend the Jordan rally, sections of the media, most notably The Times, claimed that the Englishman had been snubbed by the King of Jordan. However, Mosley refutes this, saying that he was never scheduled to meet the King, who was in Washington meeting American President George Bush earlier this week, and that the invite had come from Prince Feisal Al Hussein, Chairman of Jordan Motorsport.

A resident of Monaco, Mosley is said to be good friend of Prince Albert, who has also enjoyed a certain amount of notoriety as a result of his 'private life'.

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Published: 25/04/2008
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