Mosley believes more manufacturers will enter F1


As Super Aguri continues its negotiations, desperate to remain in F1, FIA President Max Mosley is confident that the direction the sport is taking will see more manufacturers enter the sport.

In an interview with Austrian broadcaster Orf, Mosley said: "When we have finished what we are preparing now, and a manufacturer can clearly see that the costs are under control and that the research expenditure is reasonable and goes in a useful direction, then I well believe that we will see new manufacturers."

However, as A1 GP and Virgin Airlines claim that biofuel is the future, Mosley is not quite so sure. "It is better for Formula 1 if we concern ourselves with better using the available energy rather than changing the energy source," he said, adding; "I have enormous qualms regarding biofuel."

Asked about the spy saga that overshadowed the sport last season, and which is still lingering in the background, Mosley remains confident that there will be no repeats.

"They always knew (that taking documents or electronic documents is forbidden)," he said, "but now it is underlined. We will never again see that at such a level as happened in 2007."

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Published: 25/02/2008
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