Appeal result a foregone conclusion?


FIA President Max Mosley has broadly hinted that McLaren is wasting its time in appealing the decision of the Race Stewards at Interlagos last weekend.

"For us, the world championship is over," he said, according to the BBC, "the result is what it is.

"A team presented an appeal," he continued, "at the moment, this doesn't change anything, it's up to them to prove they are right,"

"You could argue whether McLaren had a right to appeal," he added. "They could have protested the result, but they didn't. Apparently they didn't measure the temperature of the fuel. But even if the cars classified ahead of Hamilton would be excluded, would this change his position? The court of appeal will have to rule on that."

It seems the appeal result really is a foregone conclusion.

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Published: 26/10/2007
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