Hamilton: I want to win title on track


Lewis Hamilton has said that he does not wish to win the 2007 title by default, admitting that Kimi Raikkonen deserves the World Championship.

At present there is a question mark over the title with McLaren appealing the decision of the Race Stewards at Interlagos after they allowed the race result to stand, thereby giving the Finn the title.

However, should McLaren's appeal be successful there is a slim chance that the Williams and BMW drivers could be disqualified, thereby promoting Hamilton to fourth and giving him the crown.

"To have the world title taken away is a bit cruel and probably not good for the sport," he told 5live Sport. "It would feel weird after Kimi did such a fantastic job in the last two races and won on Sunday.

"I want to win it on the track," he added. "You want to do it in style, you want to win the race or battling it out for the lead. Being promoted after other people have been thrown out is not the way I want to do it."

"I don't know for what reasons they are pursuing it," he said of his team's decision to appeal, "but for sure they'll be good reasons. But as a team we want to win it on the track, fair and square. This is just not the way to do it. The season is over and done with and we should move on."

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Published: 23/10/2007
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