Dennis sheds light on 'tsar's' role


Ron Dennis has shed light on the precise role of the FIA appointed scrutineer - dubbed the 'fair play Tsar' - who will supposedly oversee operations in the McLaren garage this weekend to ensure that both drivers are treated equally.

This follows alleged complaints from Fernando Alonso that teammate Lewis Hamilton is being given preferential treatment, indeed, the Spaniard is alleged to have accused the team of costing him pole position in China by 'tampering' with his tyre pressures.

"First of all I made contact with the FIA representative in Spain and met him and his colleague, his assistant, and invited them here because there is obviously a firm belief in Spain that we are not being equal handed and that is contrary to the fact," said Dennis.

"I felt that it would perhaps defuse the situation and we met on Wednesday morning and had a perfectly amicable conversation and I said to make sure there is no inability to communicate, that Pedro would translate for them and they can ask any question and we will give them an honest answer.

"I think there is going to be an additional scrutineer in the garage tomorrow," he added. "As far as I am concerned he can wear a headset and he can do anything he wants. It only makes it even more transparent and more apparent to everybody that we are only doing what we said we would do and I have no problem with it, but the people said are you offended? or upset? and it is just not relevant to us. We just get on with our job and be judged by the results of the race and, hopefully, it will be a good fair outcome and nobody will have any complaints."

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Published: 20/10/2007
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