FIA waits to see if McLaren will act on Renault claim


FIA President Max Mosley has revealed that he is waiting to hear from McLaren as to whether it will follow up its claims that Renault has come into (illegal) possession of its data.

This follows reports that the Woking team contacted the FIA with regards three CDs of technical data that design engineer Phil Mackereth is alleged to have taken with him when he left McLaren for the reigning World Champions.

Speaking to BBC Radio, Mosley confirmed that he is waiting for McLaren to make the next move:

"We haven't had the complaint or the details we have been promised from McLaren about that, but when we get it, we will investigate," he said.

"It's allegedly an employee who took some floppy disks with him," he continued. "We've had a dossier from Renault which doesn't look particularly damning."

Mosley confirmed that he has spoken to Ron Dennis regarding the matter: "I said to him, 'When you have got your dossier together Ron, let's have it'."

The FIA President then revealed: "He, with Renault's agreement, sent experts into Renault to look at their computer system recently. So obviously when he has got that report, if there's something significant in it, I have no doubt he will let us have it."

At the weekend, Renault boss Flavio Briatore was keen to play down the story, insisting that it bears no relation to the recent spy saga.

"Firstly, if somebody tells me it's the same (as McLaren), I sue," he warned. "Secondly, it's not an investigation regarding myself and the team. Third, we have given all the information to the federation, at least when we found out something.

"This is it," he added. "It's as simple as that, and I have given the evidence as well to McLaren."

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Published: 18/09/2007
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