Another day, another stick


In recent years, thanks to the emasculation of the circuit and the numerous changes to the rules, the Italian Grand Prix has become one of the most processional (yet fastest) on the calendar. A few individual moments stand out but for the most part the race at Monza has become a very fast high-speed case of follow the leader.

With this in mind, it will take a race of epic proportions to overshadow events off track this weekend, as the F1 world ruminates the latest developments in the spy saga ahead of next week's meeting of the World Motor Sport Council, following claims of new evidence.

Since the FIA made its shock announcement on Wednesday, the British media has concentrated on how the new evidence will impact Lewis Hamilton's championship hopes, with a series of headlines lamenting the latest shock to rock the rookie's dream.

With the media now having done its bit in splitting the McLaren camp, the latest rumour to spread through the paddock is sure to result in further sensational headlines bemoaning what is perceived by the media as a clear attempt to destabilise Hamilton's championship bid.

It is suggested that the new evidence relates to e-mails passed between McLaren test driver Pedro de la Rosa and Fernando Alonso which suggest that both drivers were aware of the fact that Mike Coughlan had information he shouldn't have had, Ferrari's.

If true, this would indeed be sensational, and would be enormously damaging to the British team. In the meantime, it is but another stick with which the British media can beat Alonso. No doubt it is only a matter of time before the Spanish media talks of similar e-mails between Gary Paffett and Hamilton.

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Published: 07/09/2007
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