Hamilton enters spy saga row


Lewis Hamilton has voiced his frustration at the ongoing spy saga which threatens his World Championship hopes.

In a move which will do little to endear him to the tifosi, who will pack the Autodromo Nazionale from this morning, the Englishman has hit out Ferrari, accusing them acting unfairly and attempting to destabilise McLaren's championship efforts.

"I do not like what Ferrari are putting our team through," he told reporters at Monza. "I know my team, and we are being been unfairly treated. I know my team, I know the people here and I think we are being unfairly treated.

"We'll do our talking on the track," he added. "That's what we want to do, that's the best way to do it and hopefully here is where we will do it. That's the best place, on the track."

The World Championship leader threw down the gauntlet by admitting that nothing would give him more pleasure than to beat Ferrari on its home track.

"It would be a great feeling to win in Italy this weekend," he said. "Beating Ferrari on their home ground is going to be a huge blow to their team, and that would make the (McLaren) team extremely happy."

Despite not liking what Ferrari are putting his team through, and causing McLaren to be treated unfairly, Hamilton insists that the spy saga is not affecting his own approach to the championship.

"I am generally a relaxed kind of person and I am not usually rattled by anything or anyone. It is the way I have been brought up," he said. "I've never been rattled in my whole career so I don't want to start that now."

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Published: 07/09/2007
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