Down comes the rain again


It's 10.30 [local time] and once again rain has hit the test at Monza, which has already been extended by an extra day following the heavy downpours that blighted Thursday's session.

There was rain and lighting for much of the night, and though this eased in the early hours, by the time work was due to get underway at 9am this morning, it was raining yet again.

Ferrari's Luca Colajanni remains adamant that conditions will improve, much as they did yesterday, allowing some further mileage ahead of next weekend's race here.

A few drivers have gone out for installation laps, some of them going out as soon as the track opened, but thus far there has been no action of any significance. That said, it is currently only lightly splitting and in the distance there are blue skies, much to the releif of the drivers, team members and the few hardy souls who have come to watch their heroes in action.

Our pictured - supplied by Joanne Burnett - shows just how bad things were yesterday, though to honest Kevin (pictured) is on his knees.

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Published: 31/08/2007
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