Coulthard admits to Bulimia battle


Scottish veteran David Coulthard, who has contested more Grands Prix than any other British driver, has confessed to battling with the eating disorder Bulimia early in his career.

In his autobiography, the Red Bull driver admits that he first developed the disorder in his early teens when he was still karting.

"By my teens, I was nearly the same height I am now but I weighed just over nine stone," he reveals. "The problem was as I got taller, I started to become a lot heavier than some of my counterparts. I stopped eating fattening foods and before I knew what had happened, I was bulimic.

"In my mind, the only way I could keep my weight down was by making myself vomit," he admits. "At first, I was just very, very lean. I became skin and bone but I weighed myself every morning, noon and night. In the evening, if I was half a pound heavier I would get in the pool and swim. Some people would say it was obsessive behaviour but you don't achieve a certain level of success without some form of dedication."

The 13-time GP winner recently got engaged to Belgian motorsport presenter Karen Minier.

Coming soon, Eddie Irvine reveals his battle with shyness, while various other drivers write tomes revealing their personal torment with a variety of personal problems including drink, sexual orientation and memory loss when it comes to how to overtake. Sadly, John Lennon beat Lewis Hamilton to 'A Spaniard in the Works'.

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Published: 20/08/2007
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