Hard to believe


Watching Robert Kubica's sickening accident on Sunday, many of us feared whether he would race again rather than when.

It was a horrific, brutal accident that at a time when the world is getting carried away on the Hamilton dream starkly reminded us just how dangerous motor racing really is.

It is all very well watching from the sidelines remembering 'the good old days', conveniently forgetting just how many of our heroes have been lost to us in the name of sport.

Therefore, congratulations to the FIA, who despite some of the dubious proposals they come up with from time to time, have worked tirelessly to ensure that such accidents - as horrendous as they are - are survivable.

Remarkably, almost exactly 24 hours after the accident, Bob Constanduros was walking down Montreal's Rene Levesque Ouest when he bumped into Robert who was leaving a restaurant with his manager and Josef Leberer, the BMW team's trainer.

"I'm not stiff at all," said Robert, "I just have some pain in my ankle but otherwise I'm fine."


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Published: 12/06/2007
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