Monaco GP: Practice notes - Red Bull


David Coulthard: A disappointing day. We didn't achieve anywhere near the number of laps we wanted to due to some technical issues this morning and because I damaged the car's rear wing and floor at Loews Corner this afternoon. The guys fixed the damage during the afternoon session, and did a great job to do it in the time, but nonetheless, it was a bit of a shabby day.

Mark Webber: We had a hydraulic problem in the second practice session today. When we're on the track we're going pretty well, but we're not always able to run for as long as we'd like. I touched the barrier at Ste. Devote this morning – which seems to be proving quite a tricky corner for most people. I was lucky to get away with just a damaged rim. The rest of the car was okay, but the guys changed the gearbox as a precaution. I'll be here with the guys tomorrow – but, to be honest, I wish it was Saturday tomorrow, as I'm looking forward to qualifying.

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Published: 24/05/2007
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