Australian GP organizers introduce unique scheme for female fans


It is entirely possible that there will be as many 'Sheilas' as 'Bruces' at next year's Australian Grand Prix, if a unique scheme, being introduced by race organizers, pays off.

The Australian Grand Prix Corporation (AGPC) has been granted a special exemption to sell discounted race tickets to women.

The ruling, passed by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), sees the event exempted from section 83 of Victoria's Equal Opportunity Act, thereby allowing organizers to sell discounted tickets for next year's race.

However, the special pink tickets will only allow access to one section of the track - Traction at Turn 4 - which was introduced in time for the 2006 race. The specially fenced off area includes a viewing platform, marquee and bar. The ticket cost includes food and drink, and need to be sold in advance in order that the organizers know how many they are catering for..

"It's a party," said Grand Prix Corporation CEO Tim Bamford at the launch of the scheme. "It's a way to get people otherwise not interested to go to the event."

The specially discounted tickets will go on sale "several months" before the blue tickets (seriously) go on sale to male fans.

Having recently revealed a loss of $21m Au (8.27m) on this year's race, a significant increase on the previous year's loss of $13m Au (5.1m), it's thought that race organizers will be seeking further initiatives in order to encourage people to attend the 2007 event, which returns to its traditional season opening slot.

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Published: 30/10/2006
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