Schumacher: They are the true champions...


It was a fitting end to his career. Michael Schumacher, though he lost the chance to win the race, as he would surely have been able to had his early puncture not forced him into the pits, still made an incredible comeback. The German climbed from last spot to fourth. He also set the fastest lap in the race. Unfortunately, this was not enough to see him take a podium place before the chequered flag was shown. This, however, is a secondary factor as he had, once again, provided a clear demonstration of his class.

Michael was, at first, understandably sad at the end result, even though he was satisfied with his extraordinary performance. "I wanted to say goodbye to the boys with the Constructors' title", declared the German, following his farewell race. "We deserved the title. What is certain is that the boys are the best and they are the true champions of the world, even if we didn't win it".

There is great affection among the squad members and in the evening after the race, the team organised a huge party in honour of the most successful driver in its history. In the Fasano house in Sao Paolo, everyone sung and danced. 'An evening to celebrate with Michael', was the slogan on the invitation. "A legendary champion, a special man and an important member of our family". Michael thanked everyone and was one of the last to leave.

Despite what many think, he is sure that he will not regret having made the decision that he has: "Everything will come with time," he said. "People ask me what I will miss but it is still too early to consider that. For now all I need is peace and quiet, something that is a novelty for me. I am well aware of the unforgettable moments I have had in Formula 1 and of the fans' support. It is always comforting knowing that someone is supporting you in difficult times. This feeling has always been with me and I hope, in my own way, to have given the fans something to cheer".

Michael headed for home on Monday where he will spend a couple of days relaxing. Next weekend will see the Ferrari World Finals taking place at Monza. The occasion marks the end of the competitive season for the Ferrari family.

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Published: 24/10/2006
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