Schumacher: One last title for the team


Michael Schumacher spent the first part of Thursday morning in the city of Sao Paulo, speaking at a press conference organised by Ferrari partner, Shell. The Shell conference in Brazil has been a tradition for several years now and Michael joked that he felt at home.

"I have had so many Brazilian team-mates over the years, that I feel I understand a lot about this place and its people," he said.

The large contingent of Brazilian and international journalists was keen to know how the seven-time World Champion felt about tackling his last ever F1 race. "I am trying to treat this Brazilian Grand Prix, as just another race," he admitted, "but occasionally, it comes into my mind that it is my last one. I am thinking more about this aspect of the weekend than about the Drivers' Championship.

"I stick to the view I held immediately after the Japanese Grand Prix," he continued, "which is that, in my opinion, the Drivers' title is already lost, because the circumstances needed for me to win are rather specific and I do not want to race having to hope that a rival will retire or have problems.

"But that does not mean I am not planning to try hard," he added. "I will be tackling this race in the same way I have done with all the others and will be trying to win and also, importantly for my last race, to really enjoy my weekend here at Interlagos, which is so interesting and challenging."

Therefore, if the Drivers' title is not on his agenda, what are Schumacher's hopes for Sunday?

"I would really like to do the best possible to give Ferrari the Constructors' title," said the German. "To a car manufacturer, this is always a very important prize and it would be a nice way to end my career, helping them to one more trophy."

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Published: 19/10/2006
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