Renault will not use latest-spec engine in China


Although Renault has brought two different spec engines to China, both of them "steps above" the powerplant at Monza, the French team will not be using the powerplant that marks the biggest step, instead opting for; "the one we have total confidence in".

Following recent tests at Jerez and Silverstone, together with dyno-runs at Viry-Chatillon, the French team's engine HQ, the team has opted for reliability over power.

"We had two options that we brought to China," a Renault spokesman told Pitpass, "both are steps over Monza.

"We do not have total reliability confirmation on the biggest step," he added, "so we are using the one we have total confidence in.

"We had a problem at Monza, then at Jerez, using exactly the same engine, it blew up again, confirming some of our previous suspicions. Therefore, in a way we were happy the engines blew up in Jerez because now we can change that part and revert to the previous set up we had in the engine and forget all the problems."

"All in all, it looks good," he added.

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Published: 28/09/2006
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