Official: FIA reveals results of 2006 fan survey


The FIA/AMD Formula One Survey, the largest survey of its kind in motor sport, has revealed that fans have responded very positively to changes in Formula One in 2006. They say that the reintroduction of tyre changes has made racing more exciting (66%) and that changes to qualifying are an improvement (73%) which helps make the racing more competitive. Fans are watching more qualifying as a result (51%).

The survey has also reaffirmed the view that Formula One is an important showcase for technology (91%) but that more emphasis must be put on driver skill and less on driver aids (88%). Improving overtaking remains the most important element of racing to be improved for the fans (86%).

Max Mosley, FIA President said: "Our annual survey has again proved to be incredibly popular with Formula One fans across the world and their response to the improved format of the sport in 2006 has been very positive.

"We recognise their view that technology is important but that the right balance with driver skill must be achieved and that improving car design to encourage overtaking must be one of our priorities.

"We are now working very closely with the teams and manufactures to ensure that we encourage the introduction of new energy efficient technology which will not only help to improve the show but will also have a direct environmental relevance for the motoring public. With the assistance of our technology partner AMD we are creating a new group of experts from all of the Formula One teams to optimise aerodynamic improvements and other changes to facilitate overtaking."

"Our message to the Formula One fans who have taken the time to complete this year's survey is very simple - thank you. We have listened to all your views and we are committed to working with the teams and the other Formula One stakeholders to help improve our sport for all involved."

The Survey

Independent research specialists TNS Sport analysed more than 91,000 completed surveys from fans in 180 countries worldwide. The vast majority (87%) have been following the sport for six years or more. Almost all describe themselves as either very interested or extremely interested in Formula One and more than half of respondents were participating in the survey for the first time.

Qualifying and Pit Stops

Fans overwhelmingly backed the new qualifying system and confirmed that qualifying had improved from last season. They also welcomed the return of tyre changes during pit stops which they felt made racing more exciting.

  • 66% said tyre changes made racing more exciting
  • 60% said pit-stop strategies made racing more exciting
  • 73% believe qualifying has improved compared to last season
  • 51% watch more qualifying on TV than last season
  • Technology and Driver skill

    Most fans like the technological aspect of F1 but want to see the right balance with driver skill, 88% want more emphasis on driver skill and less on driver aids.

  • 91% agree that Formula One showcases the most advanced technology in motor sport
  • 88% want more emphasis on driver skill and less on driver aids
  • 71% would like to see more information about technology provided to the fans
  • 32% agree technological innovations have led to more competitive racing
  • 28% agree technology is the most exciting aspect of F1
  • Driver Support

    Michael Schumacher has been voted as the most popular driver with F1 fans.

    Michael Schumacher - 28%

    Kimi Raikkonen - 17%

    Jenson Button - 8%

    Fernando Alonso - 7%

    David Coulthard - 6%

    Juan-Pablo Montoya - 5%

    Jacques Villeneuve - 4%

    Mark Webber - 3%

    Takuma Sato - 2%

    Rubens Barrichello - 1%

    Giancarlo Fisichella - 1%

    Nick Hiedfeld - 1%

    Tiago Monteiro - 1%

    Nico Rosberg - 1%

    Scott Speed - 1%

    Jarno Trulli - 1%

    Team Support

    Ferrari has been voted as the most popular team with F1 fans.

    Ferrari - 30%

    McLaren Mercedes - 21%

    Renault F1 - 8%

    WilliamsF1 - 8%

    Honda Racing F1 - 6%

    Red Bull Racing - 4%

    BMW Sauber F1 - 3%

    Super Aguri F1 - 2%

    Panasonic Toyota - 1%


    Fans would like to see more information brought into the race coverage itself. Most fans want to see more car telemetry, more on-board camera shots and more pit to car radio. They also called for split screen coverage of the race. During pre-race and post-race coverage fans want to see more in depth features and interviews in F1.

  • 80% would like to see more in-depth interview with drivers
  • 73% want more in-depth coverage of technology used (mainly in a stand-alone programme between races)
  • 50% would like to see more car telemetry
  • 59% want more on-board camera shots
  • 66% want more pit to car radio
  • 55% want split screen coverage of the race
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    Published: 26/09/2006
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