Mosley comes clean on aero rules?


If there is one small nugget of consolation we can take from the on-going saga regards Fernando Alonso's penalty at Monza, it is the fact that FIA President Max Mosley has finally admitted what Pitpass and many F1 fans have been saying for some time - that the current aerodynamic regulations are crap.

If Mr Mosley can admit that - in the wake of the stewards checking all the available data not freely available to us mere mortals - that a car 100 metres down the road can "impede" another car, then we know for sure that the current aerodynamic regulations are a mess, and damaging the 'sport'.

We would appear to be approaching the situation, based on last weekend's findings, whereby the blue flag should be displayed to lapped drivers the moment they share the same straight with a lapping competitor.

Indeed, we may be approaching the time when any competitor can be shown a blue flag when on the same straight as a rival.

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Published: 12/09/2006
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