A couple of points worth noting


In Max Mosley's response to an eleventh hour - well twenty-second hour - letter from five manufacturers and the GPMA, the FIA President makes a couple of points that a GPMA source has felt obliged to react to.

With regards Mosley's claim that the teams and manufacturers did not attend the meetings held in early 2005 at which the 2008 proposals were discussed, the GPMA source claims that these meetings were held in the wake of Ferrari's u-turn, when the Italian manufacturer quit the breakaway organization it had co-founded, to sign up with Bernie Ecclestone.

"All nine teams and five manufacturers wanted to discuss the matter amongst themselves," and that's why they didn't attend the early meeting," said the source.

With regards Mosley's claim that the team never delivered their proposals in June, the source claims that no such deadline was set and that a summary of proposals was submitted on 25 July, the day after the German Grand Prix.

Indeed, the GPMA source claims that some of the proposals submitted to the FIA, such as a single tyre supplier and knock-out qualifying format, have already found their way into the F1 rulebook.

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Published: 22/03/2006
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