BMW and McLaren modify their wings


It would appear that even though they signed a letter, along with six other teams, expressing concern at the legality of the front and rear wings on the Ferrari 248 F1 at Sepang, both BMW and McLaren were running aerodynamic devices considered to be equally dubious.

However, as the debate rumbles on, with a little media assistance, both teams have revealed that following consultation with the FIA's Technical Delegate they have modified the wings on their own cars.

"The technical delegate of the FIA verbally informed us that we were supposed to change a certain detail of the rear wing before Melbourne," a BMW spokesperson told Reuters.

"This is not unusual and this minor change has already been performed," the spokesperson revealed. "Jacques Villeneuve's car was checked after the race in Malaysia and found to conform to the rules."

Meanwhile, a McLaren spokesperson told the news agency: "A minor issue with an attachment to a secondary wing came to our attention in Malaysia. This will be rectified for the Australian Grand Prix."

Originally it was the rear wing on the Ferrari that was questioned, however, in Malaysia attention switched to the front of the car.

Ferrari insists that the wing(s) are legal and up until now the FIA has agreed, though following the submission of the teams' letter on Sunday it is understood the Italian team was warned that the situation would need to be rectified before the next race, which takes place in Melbourne on April 2.

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Published: 21/03/2006
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