Bernie looking to buy into Ferrari?


F1 critics who firmly believe that 'the powers that be' favour Ferrari, will be apoplectic to hear that Bernie Ecclestone is considering purchasing a stake in the Maranello-based car manufacturer.

That's car manufacturer is the realistic sense.

According to the Italian media, Mediobanca is looking to sell its 15 percent stake in the Italian company, and although the bank is looking to sell to a corporation, the best bet being Ferrari itself, it has not ruled out selling to private investors.

Step forward, Bernie Ecclestone.

Talking to Gazzetta dello Sport, Ecclestone admitted that he might be interested, providing the price is right.

"Yes, it interests me," he admitted. "I have always loved Ferrari and its rich history. Today it is a great industry and it would appeal to me to own a piece of it.

"So, yes, I am interested but it depends, as always, on how much they are asking."

Of course, some might also say that owning a 15 percent stake in a team contesting a series in which he is the commercial rights holder, in addition to various other F1 pies, might arouse suspicion of a conflict of interest.

As if.

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Published: 12/03/2006
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